Examples of some of the workshops Bof! can offer

French dance
1-2 hour morning or afternoon workshops prior to a dance if required. These might focus on simple dances – bourrée, schottische, an dro etc for beginners,  or on specific
dances requested in advance, for example, plinn, kost ar ‘choad, mazurka etc.

A series of workshops leading participants through a programme of dances. These
would be suitable for a festival running over several days or for a series of weekly
classes. Here is a sample programme  for beginner / intermediate level – 4 x 90 minute sessions folowed by a final bal.
Session 1:   Dances from Central France 1: 2- and 3-time Bourrées / Schottische
Session 2:   Dances from Brittany 1: Hanter dro, An dro, Ridée, Laridée
Session 3:   Dances from Central France 2: Mazurka, Waltz, Bourrée tournante
Session 4:   Dances from Brittany 2: Rond de Saint Vincent, Gavotte, Kas-a-barh
Final bal incorporating all the dances learnt during the four sessions.

Breton singing
We offer a 1-hour workshop introducing participants to the kan ha diskan (call and response) style of unaccompanied singing found in a typical Breton fest-not. This is led by the band’s Breton singer Gwendal Moële and has been run very successfully at Dansez Français, a dance group in Brighton, and at Beardy Folk Festival.

Dance teachers
Phil and Gwendal share a wealth of knowledge of French dance. Many  years of attending festivals in the Auvergne and Brittany have given them the insight and experience to teach a wide range of dances at all levels, from the basic steps to the subtle nuances that give a dance “style”.

French music workshops
Playing for dancing with an emphasis on rhythm