BOF! – French and Breton Music & Dance

Bof! line-up left to right
•   Gwendal Moële    Vocals
•   Val Woollard         Bagpipes, Recorder, Flute, Desk bells
•   Simon Haines      Diatonic accordeons,  Vocals
•   Phil Lyons            Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, Vocals

In 2000, Bof!  started playing as a four-piece band specializing in traditional French and Breton music for dancing or listening to. During that time we have played in folk clubs, for dance groups and at festivals in England and France, as well as organising regular French and Breton dance workshops and public dances in East Anglia, as part of the Burybal and Prêt à Danser groups. Breton singer Gwendal Moële became a full-time member of our line-up in 2018.
The band’s repertoire is mainly traditional music from Central France and Brittany, but also includes compositions by members of the band and others.


Our new CD NOUVEAU recorded before during and after lockdown is now available. See SHOP

We have made four other recordings of our music: see our Music page.

Bof! can offer the following

  • Concert spots – from 30 minutes to full-length club sets, for example 2 x 45 minutes.
  • Bals – incorporating dances from Central France: Bourrée, Schottische, Mazurka, Polka, Waltz etc.
  • Breton Fest Noz -Gavotte, Hanter dro, An dro, Rond de Saint Vincent, Plinn etc.
  • Dance workshops – comprehensive programme of French and / or Breton dance workshops from Beginner to Advanced level. Our instructors, Gwendal Moële and Phil Lyons, are highly experienced dance teachers.
  • Breton singing workshops: the kan ha diskan (call and response) style.
  • Music workshops accompanying French / Breton dancing

We have played at the following

If you wish to get in touch, you can find details on Contact page.